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We deliver comprehensive metrological and telemetry solutions for the natural gas industry. Our solutions provide remote transmission and reading of data from natural gas measuring devices installed at our clients' measurement stations. Products are developed according to the specific needs and technical standards of the installations and clients.


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We provide electronics for smart energy management in IoT systems within the natural gas industry. Our gas volume correctors and data loggers are designed to enable the implementation of a comprehensive solution for metering and telemetry in natural gas transmission systems.

We provide solutions that meet the technical requirements of European and global markets. We offer OEM solutions tailored to individual client needs in gas metering. We provide full implementation and after-sales support in product development and operation.

We manufacture in Poland, ensuring product delivery certainty through locally controlled, quality-monitored production. Our devices are designed to be competitive and interoperable, allowing seamless integration with devices from other providers.

Partnership with us means more than just a reliable product a reliable product, it is a full package of additional services. We provide after-sales support in product R&D, marketing activities, dedicated technical department training and remote service support.


While developing solutions for natural gas metering, we were guided by the vision of comprehensively addressing the needs of various user groups within the industry. Our analysis of industry needs and challenges allowed us to propose solutions for effective PRMS station management, remote gas consumption reading, and gas network performance monitoring. Our products are tailored to suit both commercial and industrial solution needs. We effectively use the concept of remote data access and IoT utilization.


PRMS solution with MacBAT 5 is used for billing of natural gas consumers. Built-in telemetry modem provides remote transmission of measurement data to dedicated ConfIT app and eWebtel system that provide intuitive configuration and control of instrument read out.

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gas consumption reading

A compact telemetry solution that logs and transmits gas flow data measured by cooperating gas meters, eliminating the need for local gas meter readings.

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grid monitoring

An extremely intuitive and comprehensive solution for controlling the operation and pressure of the natural gas distribution network, which enables full telemetry and monitoring.

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MacBAT 5

Electronic gas volume corrector


Gas flow billing logger

MacREJ 5

Recorder of gas station parameters


Telemetric gas pressure logger


Plum devices configuration software


Optical interface